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About Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord is a series of educational computer training programs that exercise students’, the way physical workouts train the body to be fitter and stronger. Contact us to discuss how Fast ForWord can help your child or school today.  

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Fast ForWord Gets Brains Fit For Learning
Fast ForWord trains the brain to optimise learning potential. It does this by developing and strengthening four fundamental skills which are essential for learning:

  • Memory: Fast ForWord enhances working memory, short and long-term memory. 
  • Attention: Fast ForWord is designed to improve both attention and focus
  • Processing Rate: Fast ForWord increases the rate at which students are able to process information
  • Sequencing: Fast ForWord improves the recognition of the order of sounds, letters, and concepts.
Students who do Fast ForWord exercises strengthen these core skills. After participating in Fast ForWord students are better able to follow instructions, concentrate and participate in classroom discussions. They improve their reading, spelling and comprehension and find they enjoy school more. Their self- confidence increases which can lead to better behaviour and sociability.

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All Brains Can Benefit from Fast ForWord
Fast ForWord benefits all students because it improves their learning capacity.

Students Wanting to Achieve to their Potential
Any student who wants to improve their academic performance will gain from the Fast ForWord exercises.

Struggling Readers and Learners
Fast ForWord can be life changing for students and adults who struggle to learn and read.

Learning English as a Second Language
Fast ForWord accelerates English language acquisition for those learning English.

Recognised Diagnoses
Fast ForWord can assist those with diagnosed conditions such as Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Attention Problems, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome as well as behavioural problems arising from poor classroom performance. 

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ForWord Works by applying Principles of Brain Science
Brain science has determined the four basic principles that need to be applied for lasting learning to take place. Those principles are built into Fast ForWord:

  • Frequency and Intensity - Exercises done often and intensively accelerate learning
  • Adaptivity - Task difficulty needs to adapt to keep students challenged but not frustrated
  • Simultaneous Development - Cognitive and reading skills must be developed together
  • Timely Motivation - Learners must be motivated to purposely complete their exercises
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Fast ForWord Can be Done at School or at Home

Fast ForWord can be utilised in
schools and by individuals at home. Students do the Fast ForWord exercises 5 days per week until the exercises are completed. Our specialist support and implementation team can quickly have your school or your child using the programs, even in the most remote parts of Australia or New Zealand. Specialist Clinics around Australia also use the program.

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Why Fast ForWord is Unique

Fast ForWord works on improving the brain’s “hardware” so that teaching and tuition can be better absorbed and retained. It is unlike any other learning program or educational software because it:

  • Adapts exactly to each student’s development needs. Fast ForWord identifies the student’s individual learning weaknesses by analysing their responses to the exercise tasks and continuously adjusts the degree of difficulty to keep the student challenged.
  • Provides short (8 to 12 weeks) concentrated training that produces enduring learning gains. Students can make gains of up to 1 -2 years in reading competency and these gains are maintained without additional training.
  • Is based on proven neuroscience research and is continuously validated by on-going research. Fast ForWord was developed from fundamental research by some of the world’s most eminent neuroscientists. Continuous studies of its use make it the most researched program of its type in the world. It is validated by independent researchers and accepted by the scientific community.
  • Has been used by almost 2 million students in over 40 countries since 1998.

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Benefits of Fast ForWord - The Results!