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Por Ekamai International School, Aug 12, 2009
Fuente Scientific Learning

Bangkok, Thailand


After using the Fast ForWord products, a group of fifth graders in Thailand achieved statistically significant improvements in all six areas in which they were evaluated: Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Sources of Information which includes the ability to read maps and diagrams as well as reference material. During the four months between assessments, average improvements on the six tests ranged from 5 months to 1 year. All subjects require strong learning skills including attention, memory, and information processing Ð skills improved by the Fast ForWord products.






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Improved Reading Achievement






The student's early literacy skills were evaluated before and after Fast ForWord product use with the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS).





The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, or ITBS, were developed by the University of Iowa's College of Education to provide an assessment of students in kindergarten through 8th grade. The multiple-choice test evaluates students in the core areas (Reading, Language, and Math) as well as in subject areas (Science, Social Studies, and Information Source).





The faculty of the Ekamai International School were interested in evaluating the effectiveness of using Fast ForWord products for improving their curriculum and instruction for students.


The implementation process began with educators receiving preliminary training in a number of areas, including:


  • methods for assessing candidates for participation;
  • selection of appropriate standardized language measures for testing and evaluation;
  • effective implementation techniques;
  • proper administration of the products and effective methods for monitoring student progress.





To cite this report: Scientific Learning Corporation. (2009). Improved Reading Achievement by Students in Thailand who used Fast ForWord® Products: 2007 - 2008, MAPS for Learning: Research Reports 13(10): 1-7.

Data provided by the Ekamai International School in Bangkok, Thailand; school personnel were responsible for administering all tests.



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At Scientific Learning we welcome the opportunity to share our results. For more information about this research study, please refer to the PDF format Educator's Briefing or full-length report.



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