Fundamentos científicos de Fast ForWord

The Fast ForWord programs have been developed following extensive scientific research. It is one of the most researched program of its type in the world. The Research came before the program, in the sense that the neuroscience was done in universities and labs and the Fast ForWord program was built on the basis of the understanding that came from the research.

In the decade since that the initial foundational reasearch, Fast ForWord has been validated by numerous research studies ranging from university based fRMI- brain imaging studies through scientifically designed studies in schools and clinical settings to teacher and parent observational reports.

If you are interested in learning more about the science and research behind Fast ForWord, LearnFast can provide with a comprehensive 84-page research compliation which summarizes the research from basic science through to current applicaiton in education and clinics, just drop us a line!

To get familiar with some of the major scientific and research highlights we have listed a few links for you below.

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